2 thoughts on “Introducing SoulShine Yoga & Massage.

  • Just wanted to thank you, Dori, for the very high quality massages I have been fortunate to receive from you. I can compare what you do to the best at Esalen and many other professionals I have experienced over the years, and look forward to seeing you again soon…congratulations on your studio…everyone benefits from your energy!

    Harry G.

  • Yay!! I wish I was there for opening day! In Hawaii, they have beautiful blessing ceremonies on opening day for all businesses. The Kapuna comes with ti leaves and ocean water. They say a blessing in Hawaiian and drizzle the entrances with the ti leaves dipped in ocean water. It is very beautiful and spiritual. I had the opportunity to attend one as we opened a new clinic in Wahiawa. I will say a prayer that your practice will be prosperous and thriving as it helps others transition to health or deepen their own spiritual practices. You have helped so many Dori. And I can bear witness to the Spirit that moves through a person when their life is touched by you. WNC is lucky to have you Dori. Mahalo for following your own path and being an inspiration to so many of us.
    Much love,

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